Two weeks ago, we offered some general observations on the major revision that the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) is conducting of its family of standard documents.  This is an important process for a number of reasons.  If you are certified to any of the SFI standards, this revision will update the ‘ground rules’ that define your certification in the years ahead.  If you are certified to one of the other standards (FSC or PEFC), this is still important to you, because these programs continue to interact and influence each other in complex ways.

If you read our last blogpost and took our advice, then you have already submitted your comments and feedback to the SFI staff.  Good for you!  But maybe you’re like us and ended up leaving this to the last minute.  Tomorrow (July 30, 2020) is the official deadline for public comments, which means that there’s still time, but not much.  Please take an hour or so and let SFI hear from you.

MixedWood staff completed our review only yesterday – one day ahead of the deadline.  We prepared detailed notes for 6 of the 14 standard documents up for review.  We used the spreadsheet form provided on the SFI website and submitted our original to the staff.  We also saved copies and linked them below:


MixedWood LLC – feedback on the SFIS 2020 update draft:

Section 2: Forest Management

Section 3: Fiber Sourcing

Section 4: Chain of Custody

Section 5: Certified Sourcing

Section 6: Labels and Trademarks

Section 14: Definitions

Download, share, comment, as you wish.