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Back to Normal?

It’s hard to believe that it was only two years ago that we wrote this blog post about the effect that COVID 19 was having on the wood product certification business.  It feels like just yesterday.  It also feels like a lifetime ago.  I suppose it may be both. Reading our reflections and concerns from June 2020 is a little embarrassing.  In those days, we still viewed the global pandemic as a short-term disruption to our typical day-to-day routines.  Now – over two years later – we can see...

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CoC Certification – A New Approach

Eight years ago, in the spring and summer of 2014, we published a 5-part series of articles entitled “CoC SHOULD BE EASY!”.  The series made the case that Chain of Custody certification for FSC, PEFC, & SFI didn’t have to be complicated.  Applying a short list of straightforward business practices should allow any company to become certified and use these programs to add value to their business.  Easy! The ideas in that series formed the foundation for MixedWood’s consulting practice from...

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Impressive Report from SFI

One of the most common questions we get regularly is to explain the differences between the two most prominent programs in our business of certified wood products, the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) and the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).  It’s a common and understandable question.  Folks routinely get the two programs confused and even mix up the letters from time to time:  FSI, SFC, etc.  As common as this question is, it has always been difficult to respond to.  Our favorite...

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The Great Resignation

About a year ago, we received a call from the quality manager at a large, FSC-certified manufacturer of sanitary wipes located in the US Southeast.  The caller was new in her position, having replaced the previous manager.  She was aware of a Chain of Custody program but did not understand what it was for.  When she was contacted by their certification body to schedule their next annual audit, she decided to seek some help and called us. Over 14 years of consulting practice, we have learned...

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Some help with the new FSC AAF

We have been getting A LOT questions recently about the revision of the Forest Stewardship Council's (FSC) procedure for assessing annual fees from certified companies.  The Annual Administration Fee (AAF) is a long-standing mechanism that was updated last year.  The details are fairly simple, but communications have been complex and confusing. Created this "Quick and Dirty (QuAD)" guide that we hope you will find helpful.  Feel free to download and share with others who may be interested....

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CoC updates for the New Year – 2022

Another New Year brings the familiar tradition of reflection.  A bit of looking back and a lot of looking forward.  The view out our office window looks like January usually does:  stark, cold, and stimulating. Turning the calendar to begin 2022, we find ourselves facing several important changes in the business of Chain of Custody certification.  Here is a collection of some things that we are following, things that we think will make 2022 an interesting year. Three New Standards For the...

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