After years of confused and dysfunctional debate, FSC seem to have finally reached a resolution to the question of whether to include Social Indicators in its Chain of Custody standard.  An announcement was released today by email from the Policy office in Bonn.  It includes links to the key documents which include the important details:

We have not analysed these new documents in detail yet.  We hope to do that soon and share that here.  This is important enough, however, that we decided to share it right away.  We have scanned the content briefly, however, and compared it to our careful analysis of the last discussion draft that was circulated almost a year ago.  You can read our earlier post about that here.  In summary:  Despite the very best of intentions, we still think this is a bad decision.  Inadequately vetted and awkwardly executed.  It is likely to have a negative effect on the FSC and the business of CoC.

Here is a copy of today’s announcement.  We will share more on the subject soon.

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”CoC Labor criteria for CoC – PDF”]