A few weeks ago, I was pleased to see this posting come across my twitter feed.  The SFI program  is promoting the fact that the speakers platform being constructed for President Obama’s second inauguration will be made of SFI-certified lumber.  Pretty neat, huh?

Yesterday, I saw another, similar announcement (also via twitter).  It turns out that the inauguration invitations are being printed on FSC-certified paper.  Also neat.

I re-tweeted both posts when I saw them.  I also tweeted a suggestion to both FSC-US and SFI.  Wouldn’t this be a great opportunity to demonstrate collaboration and mutual respect by issuing a joint press release?  As of this writing (about 24 hours after my last tweet) I’ve had no reply.  Hopefully that means that Corey Brinkema and Kathy Abusow are on the phone working out the details.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we all got along a bit better?  This seems like a small step in the right direction.  Nothing to lose, right?  If you agree, please drop a note to your favorite program – or even to them both.

Write to FSC at: c.brinkema@us.fsc.org

Write to SFI at: kathy.abusow@sfiprogram.org