In my post earlier this week, I shared some journal articles from the UK printing industry on the subject of the new FSC Online Claims Platform (OCP).  They were of interest to me because they echoed much of the quiet grumbling that I have been hearing from FSC participants throughout North America.  This morning, I learned of some much more focused and specific feedback to FSC on this subject – provided in this case from two paper industry trade groups, the Confederation of Paper Industries (CPI) and the Confederation of European Paper Industries (CEPI).  Please give them a read:

Letter from CEPI to FSC

Letter from CPI to FSC

I found these letters to be quite compelling and important for several reasons.  First of all, this is the first example that I have seen of a prominent FSC stakeholder specifically asking FSC to halt the implementation of the OCP.  Secondly, and probably more important, I am impressed by the articulate way in which Ms. Presas and Mr. Workman make their central case.  They oppose the OCP implementation not because it will be bad for business (which it probably will), but rather because it most probably will be bad for FSC.  And that would be a real shame.