An email was circulated today from FSC Policy and Standards Unit (PSU).  It further extends the deadline in for signing of the troublesome self-declaration document included in the FSC Chain of Custody standard  (Annex B of PRO-20-001).  As of today, the deadline is July 31, 2013 (extended from March 31).  The new deadline applies to a special exemption for US and Canadian companies that was issued last fall by letter.

How long can this go on?  Nobody seems to know.  Is a fix in the works?  I have been told that a group of very smart people – including senior corporate council of leading US companies – have been on the verge of a solution at least twice.  For some reason they haven’t been able to close a deal.  Differences seem to boil down to just a few key words.  I guess they will now have a few more months to try again.

For more background on this odd topic, see my posts on the subject below.