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Webinars on FSC CoC Labor requirements

We received another email from FSC-US' Policy and Standards forum, with information on a pair of webinars scheduled for late this month.  The webinars will be (we think) presented by staff from FSC-International in Bonn and are likely to provide an eye-opening perspective on the challenging ahead.  Please make time to attend, and share with others who might also have an interest. [pdf-embedder url="https://mxwood.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/FSC-US-CoC-Labor-Webinars.pdf" title="FSC-US CoC...

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Update from FSC-US on CoC Labor Requirements

The US affiliate of FSC maintains a Policy and Standards Forum to facilitate communication within the community of active practitioners and certifiers.  They posted a very well-written summary of the new CoC Labor Requirements that we wrote about last week.  It provides a good, brief, and objective view of the situation that we think deserves wider circulation.  We've posted a copy here. [pdf-embedder...

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New CoC Labor Requirements from FSC

After years of confused and dysfunctional debate, FSC seem to have finally reached a resolution to the question of whether to include Social Indicators in its Chain of Custody standard.  An announcement was released today by email from the Policy office in Bonn.  It includes links to the key documents which include the important details: FSC-STD-40-004 - the key Chain of Custody standard for certified companies FSC-STD-20-011 - the accreditation standard that sets auditing protocols for...

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This brief post is to update – one last time, we hope – the story we shared in September and October about FSC’s ill-considered policy decision about species documentation for Chain of Custody (CoC) companies.  Click here to read our original post on the subject.  Click here to read a much deeper and more detailed analysis by Ulf Sonntag, our colleague from Germany. The Forest Stewardship Council has a long and storied history of events like this.  A well-intentioned “improvement” is proposed...

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ADVICE-19: deeper analysis by a colleague

This post is an update to our last article, calling attention to a new and unwelcome policy decision from FSC.  In our usual style, we described the new document - “ADVICE-40-004-19” – in general terms and provided links to the original. Ulf Sonntag is a leading FSC expert from Germany and a trusted colleague of MixedWood.  Yesterday, he wrote to us, sharing his own analysis of Advice-19 - much deeper and more detailed than ours.  Please read it yourself and download using the link below to...

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Untangling Tree Species: very unwelcome “ADVICE” from FSC

For the past several years, the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) has invested considerable effort and energy into communicating directly and forthrightly with their community of stakeholders.  At the core of this well-intentioned strategy has been its Global Strategic Plan (GSP), published in 2015 and promoted consistently to the present.  Here at MixedWood, we like the GSP, not least because it features objectives and values we share.  In particular, Strategy 1, which promises to “Streamline...

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