Here’s something I happened upon while shopping for shoes the other day:

Of course, I pay more attention to these things than most people do.

My first impression wasn’t very positive.  The concept behind “OUR FOOTPRINT” is a good one.  Timberland seems to be making an attempt at taking responsibility for their environmental impact.  But the details are a bit weak.  Use of renewable energy: 6.67%.  Is this good or bad?  And what on earth is an “Eco-conscious material”?  The opposite of an eco-unconscious material?  The fact that Timberland has (apparently) planted somewhat more than 900,000 trees in the last 4 years might sound impressive, but as a forester I find this sort of claim the weakest of all.

The best quality information can be found by following the link at the bottom of the tag:  This site is interesting, and suggests a well thought-out and sincere program.  It’s worth a look.