A colleague sent me this link by email this morning.  It really made my morning and I couldn’t wait to share it.  It’s a short video (only 3:15) so worth looking at before reading further.

Pretty good, huh?

I talk with friends, clients, and colleagues about our alphabet soup of standards, programs, and regulations every day:  FSC, SFI, PEFC, EUTR, CoC, FM, SGS, BV, RA, SCS.  We regularly grumble about the details, even as we find our way through.  I think this video clip really captures things awfully well, though.

One point worth mentioning is the perspective this piece is presented from.  It takes place in a printing shop and presents S.I.C.K certfication from a printer’s perspective.  I’ve noticed that this is common.  Printers often think that FSC (or SFI, etc.) was written specifically for (or perhaps against) them.  The same is true for lumber wholesalers, sawmills, papermakers, and furniture plants.  One of the best parts of my job is that I get exposed to all these perspectives.

You can see more of this stuff at SAPPI’s “Off Register” site.   Many thanks to them for injecting a little light-hearted fun into our world!