Just the other day, I wrote here about a lack of practical information about the impending implementation of FSC’s major database initiative, the Online Claims Platform (OCP).   While FSC had certainly put a lot of very sincere energy and effort into communications, it was largely rather general and promotional in nature.  I felt it time to see some practical details.

Clearly the FSC staff were thinking the same thing, because just this morning an information package was circulated through the network of Certification Bodies.  I hope and expect that the same information will be generally distributed soon, but for those who can’t wait, here it is:

1) Email to Certificate Holders_OCP : An explanatory memo addressed to Certificate Holders, explaining the initial stages of OCP implementation, including some key deadlines.

2) FSC-ADV-01-010 D1-0 EN FSC Online Claims Platform: A draft of the actual normative guidance or “Advice Note” which contains the actual new requirements which will be become effective in April.

3) Comment-form_FSC-ADV-01-010 D1-0 EN: A comment form for submitting feedback to FSC about the new requirements.

I recommend strongly that all certified companies submit comments about this.  I think the FSC would agree with me when I say that they do not get nearly enough feedback from the people who do the hard work of producing and selling certified products.  Whether you like this new initiative or not, please take a few minutes to make yourself heard.