A number of leaders in the forest certification field are attending and participating in the World Forests Summit this week in Stockholm, Sweden.  I’ve been noticing a number of posts coming over my twitter feed calling attention to various comments and promoting some of the speakers.  Here’s a good example.

This sort of stuff is mostly promotional, of course.  I like to call it “happy talk”.  It’s good to see our programs get international press, so I make a point to re-tweet.

I noticed another tweet about SFI this morning as well.  This one isn’t “happy talk” at all, but another in a long series of rather nasty attacks that the SFI program has had to live with over the years.  I don’t know if it is related to the World Forests Summit – perhaps it’s just a coincidence.

I keep hoping that we’ll get beyond all this nastiness.  I guess we’ve still got a way to go.