Controlled Wood Club

MixedWood LLC

Implementation Support for FSC Controlled Wood


For FSC Controlled Wood Due Diligence Systems (DDS)

DDS Information Gathering

INFO – Part 1

DDS Information Gathering Overview

Briefing for procurement staff (log & lumber buyers): Understanding FSC requirements for DDS.  DDS overview.  Focus on “Information Gathering”:  Who, What, Where, & How?

INFO – Part 2

DDS Information Gathering - HOW?

Briefing for procurement staff: Focusing more closely on the “How?” question and information quality.

INFO – Part 3a

DDS Information Gathering - Supplier Visits

Note-taking forms and techniques for supplier visits.

INFO – Part 3b

Supplier Visit Examples

Note-taking forms and techniques for Supplier Visits – Examples.

INFO – Part 3c

Supplier Declarations

Another note-taking technique for Supplier Visits: Supplier Declaration Forms.

DDS Mitigation
“Control Measures (CM)”

CM – Part 1

Control Measure Briefing

Introductions to FSC-US Specified Risk topics. Understanding “Education and Outreach” Control Measures using the MixedWood web resource and Specified Risk Fact Sheets.