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WEST: Pacific Coast & Rocky Mountains

This very large region includes 9 western states from Montana to Colorado, California, and Washington. Five Specified Risk topics are included. One (Old Growth) is spread widely throughout the region and not practical for avoidance. The others include Conversion centered in the urban centers of Washington and Oregon, two medium-scale CBA’s in California and southern Oregon, and one endangered salamander range in southern California.

NOTE: If your company’s procurement does NOT  include coastal states (CA, OR, WA), it may be practical to exclude this area and address only a single Specified Risk topic (Old Growth).

FSC-US Controlled Wood Regional Meeting

The Controlled Wood Regional Meeting addressing the Pacific Coast & Rocky Mountain Region was held in Portland, OR on  August 14, 2018.

Five Specified Risk subjects are identified in the West (Pacific Coast & Rocky Mountains) Region: Conversion, a habitat type, two Critical Biodiversity Areas, and one rare species.  All are listed below, with links to detailed pages for each:


Forest Conversion – widespread

Old Growth Forests


Central California CBA

Critical Biodiversity Area

Klamath-Siskiyou CBA

Critical Biodiversity Area

Lesser Slender Salamander

Rare, Threatened, Endangered Species

MixedWood Fact Sheets: Western Bundle

Looking for all the Western Fact Sheets in one place? Click the link below for a lower-resolution fact sheet package that is quick and easy to download and distribute in an email.

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