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NRA Specified Risk – Critical Biodiversity Area

Central California CBA

The California Floristic Provinceis recognized by many international conservation organizations as a globally significant center of biodiversity. The Sierra Nevada hosts a wide variety of biodiversity including vertebrates, rare species, and endemic plants. Biodiversity in the forested areas of this part of the California Floristic Province is dependent on a diversity of stand types and ages, including tree species diversity, forest openings, and standing and downed woody structure. Forest management has the potential to influence this within stand and between stand diversity.

Mixed Conifer Stands and Montane Meadows drive the concentration of biodiversity in this area. The Sierran mixed conifer habitat is a vegetation band ranging 770 to 1230 m (2500 to 4000 ft) in the north to 1230 to 3076 m (4000 to 10,000 ft) in the southern Sierra Nevada and supports a number of rare species. Montane meadows are grassland habitats that occur in higher elevations. They are the most botanically diverse ecosystems in the Sierra Nevada and are also important for wildlife species, especially birds.

MixedWood Mitigation Resources

MixedWood Fact Sheet (Electronic & Print)

Suitable for electronic and print distribution to suppliers, landowners, and interested stakeholders. Includes a general description of the Specified Risk subject with links to mitigation actions and additional information.

Current Version: v4.0
Revision Update: December 2022
Reviewed: December 2022

MixedWood Additional Resource Package

A collection of downloadable resources for information and mitigation recommendations.

Updated with new resources: 5/19/2020

FSC Mitigation Options & Resources
for Central California CBA

FSC US has created a number of map-related resources to assist a certificate holder in determining if their supply area overlaps an area of specified risk. Click on the map below to view larger and to save for your own reference.

FSC offers spatial data layouts by request, as well as a list of counties that overlap specified risk areas. You can find more information about those here.

This document provides lists of organizations, regional programs, collaborative partnerships, research groups, and universities, or agencies who are working on issues relevant to the Central California CBA. The documents are provided as resources for certified organizations as they seek to implement mitigation options. The lists will continue to be updated as new information is identified.

For a complete list of mitigation resources for multiple/all specified risks, you can read more here.

FSC released Controlled Wood Regional Meeting Reports for three major US regions which can be found under the applicable region pages on our site. These reports contain the final mitigation options, along with background information on the Regional Meetings and the mitigation option development process. They are meant to assist a certificate holder in implementing control measures and mitigation options.

MixedWood created a PDF document excerpt of Annex 2 and Annex 3 from these Regional Meeting Reports for each Specified Risk.

– Annex 2 lists Mitigation Options by Specified Risk Topic

– Annex 3 provides a Specified Risk Overview, why FSC designated each as a High Conservation Value (HCV), in-depth identified threats and concerns, and more information about what FSC would like to achieve with your help.

Download Annex 2: Mitigation Options and Annex 3: Specified Risk Overview for Central California CBA

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