It has become an accepted fact in the green certification business that growth at the root of the supply chain – the forest – has pretty well leveled off.  Most of the large institutional and industrial landowners have either become certified (to SFI, FSC, or both) or they have clearly decided not to.  There continues to be interest in figuring out how to certify the vast acreages and volumes in small, private landholdings that still provide a large majority of roundwood to eastern markets, but this will continue to be a major challenge in search of a practical solution.

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 11.17.47 AMThat’s why I was pleased to see a press announcement hit my inbox and twitter feed this morning.  A good-sized land management company in North Florida called St. Joe Timberlands (with the appealing url of announced SFI forest management certification covering more than half a million acres.

This could be the exception that proves the rule, but I am inclined to take it as a positive sign that our marketplace remains relevant and active.  Congratulations to all involved.