I’ve been hearing rumors for months that FSC was pouring lots of time and attention into it’s online database for tracking certificates and certification.  When asked about it, I’ve been rather dismissive.  From the start the program has been well-intentioned, but rather naive and really hasn’t amounted to much.  Reasonably good for looking up and verifying certificates (required by the program) but not much else.

Just last week, however, some new updates have been released which suggest that FSC means business now.  They have released another Technical Update and even opened up a forum to roll out and vet their progress.

I’ll be looking this over in the near future and chatting with my contacts to figure out what it may mean.  Some initial reaction has been rather negative – assuming that FSC is poking its nose into business details where they don’t belong.  This may be an overreaction – I’m still not sure.

This is definitely another item to watch.  Please share any new insights you may have.